Friday, March 11, 2005

This is a Man's World

Opinion Journal has a piece on women's new found freedom in the middle east. With a little luck not so many will be burka'd and beaten in the future. I thought, maybe with a little luck they'll be treated just like women are in our society...but is that a good thing.

I was born after the feminist movement started so I am only generalizing, but the world seems to have become much more of man's world in the last 30 years. By that, I mean more of a world that a man wants.

The sex is freer and more open. We (men) all want more sex so that's good. We'd prefer to have it with as many partners as possible. That, I believe, is much more possible now than before. Do women dream of more sex with more partners? Better sex - yes. More partners - not in my limited experience. But all the scary stats seem to suggest that's what's happened in the last 30 years.

Men want more money. I think the old stereo-type of men wanting their women at home bare foot and pregnant cooking dinner is faulty. The barefoot part I'll leave alone, but guys don't want their wives pregnant - that's a hassle with a 18 year bill to follow. But they do want them to cook dinner. Men want to watch tv instead and if the ladies will bring dinner to the Lay-z-boy, we'll let them.

What men really want is this: Have the women go out and make some money and then also do all the housework, child care, and meal preparation. From the examples I know and the bitching I hear, this is what most families have now. Wife goes out and works and then comes home and does most of the homecare.

Another example of how this has become more of a man's world is single parent households - which the vast majority seem to be headed up by women. So the men get out of dealing with those kids. Men find it much easier to abandon their kids and often do so. If a man does run out on his kids, it doesn't even make him much of a pariah on society. I would bet that anyone reading this can name one relative - father, brother, uncle, cousin, whatever - that ditched a kid and your family - but not the struggling ex-girlfriend/wife - still welcomes him without a word.

It just appears to this male that over the past 30+ years, that men have either abdicated responsibility or had it substantially removed while women have been saddled with more.

I could keep going on with examples, but it's Friday and this is my third post of the day, and since I have 2 daughters this kind of writing truly scares me, but - with apologies to James Brown - This is a Man's World.

Not necessarily a better one.

Stay You.
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