Monday, April 11, 2005

The BIG News

It's at least BIG for me.

First off, this site will soon have a new home. At Christmas time I was given the gift of my very own domain name by a person I don't know in a city I've never been to whose political views are contrary to my own. Only in the blogosphere. Currently M.I.A. Somewhatsilent Sara gave me I've finally found a host and set it up and installed WordPress, but I will take some time to transfer my blogger entries over because....

The Divine Mrs. M and I will be launching a new venture. It is called Signature Communication. That site is being build on an as-I-have-time basis. It's a new business for me. While I shall never abandon my investment clients, I do like to write and I do like to make money so this was the natural conclusion. I sort of fell into writing my book and then I sort of fell into freelance journalism so now I'm falling head-over-ass into copywriting and editing for business and individuals. Have an important e-mail or report to turn in at work? Run it by us. Want to place an ad in the paper, but haven't a clue where to start? Give us a call. Want to send your paramour some erotic poetry? We'll give it a shot. There once was an old man from nantucket.....

In my capacity of branch manager for a national broker-dealer I get to see lots of letters and advertising to clients written by investment advisors. The general rule of thumb is that they suck. Oftentimes, it's embarrasing. But they blithly keep on sending this crap out to their clients who have to be wondering "I'm paying this functional illiterate how much?" This is where I come in. We will be having a slow launch. We have some general ideas of how we want to proceed but are restricted by current job and business and children. I will have to confine much of the work to weekend/late night hours so wish me luck.

Ok, that's the BIG News. Howard Out.

Stay You.
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