Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Delay-ed Bergers

Ok, so before this happened I thought a Sandy Berger was something I had to eat when I had too much to drink at the beach.

That's the jokes folks!

Anyway, something about this let-Sandy-Berger-0ff decision doesn't smell right. A guy who should know better takes documents from the National Archives while researching his part for a Congressional commission in the biggest tradgedy for our country since Pearl Harbor. He then does a head slap (how do I get them back) and decides to shred them. He's this sloppy and dumb? Really?

Now my beloved Wall Street Journal editorial page is defending the decision.

Just to be bipartisan. I think it's time to torch Tom DeLay. I don't like giving in when the hounds are after you, but sometimes you gotta take one for the team (to use a corporate-you're-about-to-be-screwed metaphor). Like so often, I think Mr. DeLay's main sin is that of class. While discussing Bush, VDH goes into the class thing a bit here.

My main gripe with DeLay as the Speaker for that matter are a matter of style. They have none. Don't these Republican leaders look terrible? Not ugly, but it looks like they don't try. I cannot understand why someone would strive to reach the pinnacle of world political power and still look like an exterminator from Texas (see here scroll to bottom right, ahhh) or a teacher from Illinois (heart attack?).

Isn't there someone in Washington to give these guys a good haircut, teach them to wear a suit, and wear contacts. Maybe this is shallow, but I think not dressing the part belies a certain arrogance. By dressing "down" they don't look serious on tv and thereby hand their enemies a club. People haven't the time to study what's going on, they think, "he looks bad so chances are he is"

Stay You.
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