Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday Miscellany

I'm all Pope'd out.

In Kentucky, someone is stealing alot of panties. It's not me. I can only imagine they were stolen for re-sale. What women out there is going to buy panties that "fell off a truck." What else could a guy (you know it's a guy) do with 250 pair of panties. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Baseball's opening day was this week. At Daughter #1's school, they stopped listened to the first few innings on the radio. When the Red's hit an early home run, the teach threw open the windows so the kids could listen to the fireworks from the stadium. Cool kid memory. Later on, Ryan Freel got all liquored up and arrested here in Bellevue. This is my town Ryan. We have our own problems. The incident occurred here. My house is just off to the east of where the map ends. Poor Ryan apologzied and now he's being told he's great for how he has handled this. Sorry. He was drunk and driving through my neighborhood. Die, rich boy, die!

Ok, that's it. I need a good weekend. Things have been getting dark for me lately. A sunny weekend is well deserved. If all goes well there will be BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS next week and BIG NEWS made on the pure investor's site.

Stay You.
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