Monday, April 25, 2005

I Hate Apple

Yes, really I do. After last weekend's ordeal with getting this I-Pod to work, I thought I was done. But somewhere in all the clicking that they asked me to do before they told me to buy an Apple mini, I clicked something that has really screwed me up.

At first last weekend after I learned how to use my I-Pod with Winamp, I noticed that I couldn't get I-Tunes to work. I'd like to buy the songs even if I can't get the I-Tunes to talk to the I-Pod. I kept getting a "cannot connect error/timed out". I then loaded Napster and it couldn't connect and timed out. I thought screw it; I've got plenty of CDs that I can't put on my I-Pod. This weekend, I tried to do a live update for my Norton's Antivirus and now its won't connect. What else won't connect? Microsoft Interet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox, however, seems to work fine (especially with the new bitchin' pimped theme.)

I google every combination of problem I have all to no avail. Finally, I call Apple. I threw myself at their mercy. I received none in return. "Will you look through the notes and see if there's a click in there somewhere that would stop this from happening?"I asked. Shakira said, "No, you must contact your own support person since this is not a I-Tunes-only problem." "But," I retort, "everything was fine before I called Apple. Before I bought this I-Pod." She apologized for not being able to help further. So finally I said, "Shakira, you sound nice and I'm sure I would like you very much, but at this point in time..I..HATE...APPLE. It has totally screwed me up." I think I actually heard her spit out her drink laughing before she hit the mute button.

So let the word carry forth to all the lands in all the blogoshere. I HATE APPLE. and if you have any idea how to get this problem fixed. Please let me know. I have Windows XP SP2. And yes, this is a direct challenge to Sara who is not named Shakira or Ramesh or Patel.

Stay You.
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