Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I-Pod Nation

Thanks to all those who endured my tax-payer induced rage and gave me the "Happy Birthdays". 35 isn't sooo bad.

I did buy myself an I-Pod shuffle on Saturday. I got the baby I-Pod because 1) I don't really know if I'll use this thing, 2) things tend to get lost with 2 kids around, 3) the larger ones had too much stuff for me to fiddle with. I don't need to fiddle. I need to pass the time on the eliptical machine.

The decision was just the beginning of my I-Pod story. I took the cute little thing home and installed the software and encountered my first error message. Well, that's to be expected. Isn't it. These are complicated products.

This exactly describes my problem. I went to the Apple support site and spent about 7 hours the night of my birthday doing and re-doing the tech instructions all to no avail. Back to Best Buy to test the I-Pod itself. "AAAh, this fixes it", they said. Back home, it doesn't work. Take computer tower and I-Pod to Best Buy. 1 hour and 45 minutes later their Geek Squad, they still can't get the computer to talk to the I-Pod. (In fact, there general attitude is this is what I deserve for buying a shuffle) They throw up there hands and hand me Apple's support number. There's an Apple support number?

Sunday night I call tech support. 3 hours later I get to a product specialist. She starts having me do the same thing I've been doing for the past 24 hours. Finally, she asked me find out about a ShellInstall error and call her right back. I do so about 20 minutes later - they are closed.

I call again on Monday night and spend about 45 minutes with a product specialist. End result. Go buy an Apple, Austin suggests. If you don't want to do that, back up my data and reinstall Windows XP. First off, that is so above my head I don't even want to think about it. Second off, this is for a $100 toy. Bugger off, Apple. (BTW: Call me a racists, but when I call a tech line I want a Ramesh or a Patel or a Gupta - not an Austin or a Kristi. I can't take tech advice from an Austin or a Kristi.)

That's when I learn the wonders of Google. If I ever give up worshiping Jesus, I'll worship Google. Blessed be thy algorythms. Thy market share come, thy stock price rise never be done. I typed in "Using Ipod without Using I-tunes" and it led me to this site and 20 minutes later I have music off of one of my CD's and on my I-Pod.

All Praise Google. Now let's eat fajitas!

Update: I almost forgot - I'm trying to eat better due to the 35 deal, but yesterday I received a birthday present from a wholesaler (i.e. a guy trying to get me to sell his stuff to my clients) a package of the finest products from Ghirardelli. Eating better was delayed one day. It's all gone now.

Stay You.
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