Friday, April 01, 2005

The Intolerance of the Right

I am honestly a little tired of being a conservative and thus being labeled a National Socialist (NAZI).

I have never understood it. I'm for limited government - taking power away from the Feds in all it's forms (less taxes, less regulation, less trade restrictions). Yet, I am referred to as equivalent to one of the more malevolent forces of the past century (besides the other Socialists). I told I trample free speech and all that also. When the left complains about the right trampling free speech it usually is because someone of the right questioned some lefty's government funding.

Why am I a little pissy?

Stories like these: Pat Buchanan (who I don't think is a conservative, but most think he is) gets attacked with salad dressing (ok, that's kind of funny). Bill Kristol (who is a conservative - the hard way) is hit with a pie. Our beloved Ann got one late last year. I know there are more I could google, but I have to work.

From the stories, each handled the incident with grace and decorum. But it won't be long before these pies turn to bullets. Then we are in trouble. Maybe there are examples of some YAFfers tossing a Boston creme at some left. If so let me know. But I don't think so. For conservatives, it's just not done. Sortof like marching in the streets (until lately) - just not done. Besides we have jobs. And I also don't think there's many examples because if Al Franken had a cupcake tossed at him, I'm sure we would have had a Nightline on "The Chilling Effect of Political Discourse" but since Pat, Bill, and Ann are on the right, well...(the media thinks) they kind of deserve it.

BTW: I get high-speed on Monday.

Stay You.
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