Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Is the Pope Catholic?

That's what my mom would say instead of "Does a bear crap in the woods?" Apparently the answer is lost on all of media. I was going to comment on this, but like so many other times, someone says it better. Here's a bit o' Lileks:

I’m still astonished that some can see a conservative elevated to the papacy and think: a man of tradition? As Pope? How could this be? As if there this was some golden moment that would usher in the age of married priests who shuttle between blessing third-trimester abortions and giving last rites to someone who’s about to have the chemical pillow put over his face. At the risk of sounding sacreligious: it’s the Catholic Church, for Christ’s sake!
And further on;

I am always amazed by people who want the church to accommodate their thoughts, their new beliefs, their precarious and ingenious rationales, instead of ripping themselves from the bosom and seeking a congregation that doesn't make them feel like a heretic banging thier head on Filarete's doors.

Me? When it comes right down to it, I don't care. But Benedict v.16 does seem to piss off the right people and that's usually a good litmus test of who I like.

I do have an interest, though. My town is Catholic right down to it's 7 Sacraments. Daughter No. 1 is in Catholic second grade. Daughter No. 2 will follow. Will this new Pope affect her? Will they call her out as a Lutheran heretic? No. The fathers, sisters and teachers are just trying to get by.

I think they know the deal. It's this: I don't like welfare - sorry - public schools. (I'm a conservative and as such it would be pretty hypocritical of me to send my kids to school on the dole - that's what it really is don't, you know. Nice 80+-year old Mrs. Roell next door's property taxes are pretty high because she's helping to educate the kids of the stoner down the street)

Back to the deal: The deal is that they give my kid an education - a nice one - for a few grand a year. The cost is subsidized by the Church. In return, they get a crack at her eternal soul. If they do a good job and she stays in town, she'll probably end up marrying a Catholic boy and convert and know her rosary (she has three hanging from her bed post now), and her sacraments, etc. If she moves away, she might find solace in the arms of the Catholic Church. I was raised Baptist and Country Club Christ and I don't care. Hell, I'll send her to the local Hebrew school if it's better and I can afford it.

At least she'll be educated.

Stay You.
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