Wednesday, April 13, 2005

One Mean Mother

OK, so I'm no bullfighter. But at least my mother never told me I should have been aborted.

That's what one Wilder couple is telling their kid here in Kentucky. Story here.

You can't tell me that we are not embracing a culture of death when a couple in Kentucky start using the phrase "Wrongful Birth."

The Divine Mrs. M. has put in alot of time with the mentally disabled and knows the usefulness and joy that they can experience and provide. When Alicia was pregs with our daughters, we declined some of the tests simply because it wouldn't have made a difference. We couldn't abort the kid just because he might have been retarded. It would have been rough raising the kid, but we didn't even think that aborting was a choice. It seemed a bit, forgive the phrase, Hitlerian. Terminating the genetic undesireables. At what point do we start aborting the blind or deaf or bi-polar or ugly or homosexual or anything else that would make a child potentially inconvenient?

Furthermore, just as John Edward acted the Pied Piper and drove out the obstetricians from North Carolina and spiked the rate of C-sections in this country, this suit will have that legendary chilling effect on performing these genetic abnormality tests. The test that The Divine Mrs. M decided to do were the ones where early detection could help by doing various drug therapies. Let's say goodbye to those. They're about to be litigated away.

Finally, don't get the idea that these are some backwoods Kentucky couple from the hollow. Wilder isn't so much a city as a collection of housing developments for attorneys, physicians, and corporate middle-managers. Here's a map from Bellevue (No, the Ohio is not that blue). Here's the house next door to these Parents of the Year. They go for $550-$600k. Not bad. They seem to be doing ok (sorry, that was the class warrior coming out in me).

Stay You and I'm glad your mother didn't abort you.
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