Sunday, May 22, 2005

Drunken Sunday Night

Thanks to Jeremy for whatever. And thanks to Sara for the help. I'm sure mysite will look goood.

However, I had my parents in town this weekend, and the divine mRs. Ms. and we also had some guests over. It was Harper's 4th birthday and I think she had a good one.

Only one kid fell in the pool. Her mother dived in to save her. Funny...

I drank alot of beer and shouldn't be on the internet right now. Nothing serious, but Brian has alreayd whent home and I always drink toooo much with him. He is satan.

This was fun after a rough week.

Friends of my wife Alicia brought over a corn hole game. Here. I playued it until I fell down. BOOOOM!>

I have to appointment at work tomorrow at 8_00,. but I'm not feel ing well.

Jesus saves the blessed children, but as for me and my house we shall serve the Miller Lite becaiuse it doesn't make me burp as mucyh.

Hap[y Birthday Harper. I'm going to slep. My father-in-law bought the beer. Thatnks.

My little clock says it's 1026 and thus it is time for bed. It's also my anniversary and hvae to do something epsicls for the divine mrs m but I'm feeling l alittle but sick.

You can all go yto hell if you don't like this post because it's the best I can do right now and it's a sunday anight and I don't feel feeeel and weel and I stil lahve to feed the dog and such.

My basement is drak at night. I think we need a remodeling but whatever.

good night blogosphere.

Stay You.
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