Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Howard the Pool Boy

I opened the pool last night. The Divine called to say it doesn't look too bad today.

Don't think this is some fancy teardrop shaped olympic pool. I try to live simply. The Divine Mrs. M. says cheaply. Either way, it's 4' deep of cool refreshment after mowing the small piece of group that I call a yard.

I hauled out the pump, removed the tarp, and started to reconnect the hoses to the filter. The hoses however and gone through a major degeneration process over the winter and - when touched - crumbled.

I was begin shot with water going everywhere. The Divine and the girls were at a volleyball game and the rush of water wouldn't stop. After much soaking, much swearing, and much scrambling for miscellaneous hose segments, I stopped the break.

I drove up to the little neighborhood hardware store in town. It was close and I like to support local small businesses, but at 6:45 they were closed. Fine, I said a swear and drove the 5 miles to one of those evil big box stores that victimizes the little man. They had what I needed at a cheaper price (including the cost of gas).

Anyway, now the water is clearing and weather is warming and I'll be ready for chlorine clean fun.

Stay You.
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