Monday, May 02, 2005

Jail the Runaway Bride

I have populist tendencies. I'm put off by vanglorious consumption.

In my business, everyone is suppose to drive a German automobile. Mercedes, BMWs. I like my Chevy.

I'm also suppose to move to the suburbs. Buy a sprawling house with cathedral ceilings, muddy grass, over-sized kitchen and upstairs bedrooms made small by the aforementioned ceiling. I like my bungalow in the city. Yesterday, I walked with my 3-year old to the grocery to pick up a paper and then to the park to let her play. Can't to that in any "development" without sidewalks.

What sets me off about this is that runway bride b&^%h. Yes, I said bitch. I don't care if she was under alot of stress. I want her in jail! It infuriates me that middle class people go into hock or empty their savings for a wedding - a party - that is to celebrate something that only has a 50% chance of surviving anyway.

I find it obscene.

Yes, I'm a free-market, free-will capitalist who finds money spent on cake and wear-only-once gowns, and rented tuxes wrong. 30 person wedding party? 600 guests? What are these people trying to prove? After spending this money, how are they ever going to afford that house in the suburbs with the cathedral ceiling?

Yes, I'm a populists. Yes, this pittful, big -yed, thin, rich(by global standards), white woman was under alot of stress with so much money being spent on her wedding. Isn't it understandable that she bolted. No! She moblized a community and multiple state police forces in this search. She selfishly played with the emotions of her friends, neighbors, and city. She turned the Amber Alert into a joke (doesn't she know its reserved for parents abducting their own kids?). She cut her hair and went to Vegas.

I want her to go to jail for as long as some black middle level drug seller in Duluth, GA would. He's under a little bit of stress himself. But she won't

Stay You.
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