Friday, May 20, 2005

My Star Wars Adventure

I was 7 when the first Star Wars movie came out. I wasn't too turned on by it. I wasn't one of those kids who went 72 1/2 times. I saw it - maybe twice, ok three times - and that was fine for me. I know I went to the theatre within the first few weeks when the others came out, but I just don't remember being excited by it. I haven't seen any of the new ones.

But what what Star Wars did was set the nomenclature of kid play at that time. You had to have the action figures and the ships and know the outline of the story and the basics of the characters to create your own dramas with the other kids. You couldn't have something like Han Solo shooting Leah. That would be crap (crap was a dirty word at that time). But Han and Luke fighting over Leah - that was ok.

Which leads into my major disappointment as a child. You just had to have the toys. My parents didn't understand the importance of this and they didn't understand the culture and they were somewhat cheap so oftentimes I got crappy Battlestar Glactica knock off toys. They didn't know the difference. The boy wants a space show toy, this is a space show toy. They were cheaper too.

So I was the only kid to show up at a Rebel hideout with a cylon ship (the one on the left) to defeat the Empire. Who piloted this fine ship from another concept? I had the Commander Adama action figure. Yes! I was the only kid with a Lorne-freekin'-Green Action Figure. Heck, he was the "Voice of Canada".

Yes! There was ridicule in the suburbs that day.

Stay You.
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