Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Recital Night

The girls had their annual recital for Manyet Dance (boy, do they need a new website) and they did very nicely. I almost don't mind paying the money.

Here's a very uncomfortable looking photo. I am grinning and bearing it. Harper is acting goofily as always and Dagny looks like she's done. Mom and two sets of grandparents were simultaneously offering directions and taking pictures with multiple cameras. I guess I should have taken the camera bag off my shoulder.

Anyway, the next day we had Harper's birthday party. Said grandparents were there as well as aunt, uncle, and cousins, and a few friends from the neighborhood. Does that explain the large quantities of beer I drank?

Except for the torture of standing for pictures after a recital, I think they are being given a nice childhood. I'm not perfect, but they have a stay-at-home mom, a consistently employed father, private schools, dance class during the school year, art classes during the summer. No mental or physical abuse. No abandonment. The Divine Mrs. M and I have our disagreements, but divorce has never been a remote possibility (at least on my end).

So I think they are being given a pretty nice childhood. That's the goal. Sure much of the stuff listed in the previous paragraph has eliminated a certain amount of physical comfort. A large savings, new cars, etc, but that's temporary, material stuff.

Harper is 4 years old now. When she's 80, I'm hoping she'll realize these years shaped her mind to expect happiness and thus she'll receive it.

Happy Birthday Harper.