Wednesday, June 15, 2005

30 Days

I watched Super Size Me a month or so ago (I like it) and Morgan Spurlock has a new series out based on the same premise. Watch it tonight!

It looks like a fish out of water show.

On the web's episode guide he lists some improbably scenarios. A Christian lives in the Castro district, a mom binge drinks for 30 days (?), Morgan lives on minimum wage, etc. The one that cought my attention was a Christian lives amongst the Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan.

I know I'm prejudging but I'm going to bet that the whole point of the show is that the Christian learns that not all Muslims are Osama Bin Laden. Blah, blah, blah. Preachy, preachy.

Ok, I like the McDonald's movie, so I'll give Morgan a break, but what I'd really like to see is a Christian living in Saudi Arabia. How does he react when they tear up his Bible at customs? How does he deal with being arrested after conducting a Christian church service in his hotel room?

My office is in a very Catholic, very German part of Cincinnati. One my drive home, I often seen a buddhist monk walking along the street. About 30 minutes ago, 3 women with innumerable kids in tow walked past my office. All of them in very dark muslim garb. Aren't they hot? I don't think they are walking in fear. Maybe they get looks. Maybe some idiot is rude to them. But there's no fear of death.

Or how about this: An openly gay man in Iran. Does he cry when he's stoned to death? How's he hold up under torture?

Like I said, maybe I'm prejudging and I'll apologize, but if Morgan turns this show into a how-America-sucks-this-week indictment, he'll have pissed away alot of goodwill. Sure we have our problems, but people vote with their feet and all I hear is a crowd coming our way.

Stay You.
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