Thursday, June 09, 2005

Howard Dean

I would hate to give advice to the Democrats because it would sound too cute or trite, but the Howard Dean crack-up is just a symbol of the entire party. They take themselves very seriously, but no one else does.

Mostly, his remarks about the Republicans being a "white Christian party" and the not making an honest living thing (this is the party of Union members getting the day off to vote right?) along with his past condescention about wanting to be the candidate for Southerns with pick-ups and gun racks remind me of that line from Blazing Saddles when Gene Wilder consoles Clevon Little after being treat...well, like a black man in the 1800's:
You've got to remember, that these are just simple farmers, these are people of the land, the common clay of the new west. You know . . . morons.
I think that's the most common instinct that party leaders have towards most Americans.

What mostly concerns me is that I like competition and the Democrats aren't bringing it. Howard Dean can't seem to run a party with very few divisions within it (monolithic?) and he came within a shout of the Presidency, luckily this guy saved the day from total ruin.

Stay You.
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