Friday, June 24, 2005

I'm Home

I got back from a long road trip. It wasn't really long - two days - but I drove for 1,300 miles. Kids are asleep. Wife is asleep. I'm wired. THere's nothing on TIVO or satelite or the internet that interests me. Two glasses of wine haven't helped. I still owe myself a Father's Day present, but nothing I see on Amazon really excites me. I listened to the White Album for the last couple of hours but now I'm wired, sick of The Beatles, and it's coming up on midnight and I have the horrible feeling I'll be up for hours.

I just reread what I just wrote, realized that it's a blather and have decided to let it go.

anyway, I drove through East Liverpool Ohio which is the home town of Lou Holtz - whoever that is? - and then through Stuebenville Ohio - hometown of Dean Martin. It's no wonder these guys left. The area is bleak beyond bleak. Poverty of the people is only matched by the beauty of the green rolling hills of this river valley interupted only by coal plants and strip mining operations. I'm glad I'm out of there.

I was neutral on Tom Cruise until I saw this video. I'm sure Mr. Cruise has had to deal with his share of crazies and there had to be a point - a split second - where he wondered what he was getting squirted with; acid, poison, bleach, was he scarred, was his career over, were his kids going to be alright if it was poison. But that's how I hope I would react. You hold the guy accountable, you call him on his actions and you don't let him off the hook. He could have ran away and sqeeled like a girl. The squirter was a wus in response and I hope he has ED for a while.

I've also renewed my Nortons' and it won't install so now I'm waiting on a call back from India. Until then - I'm unprotected.

Have a speech to give. Use this book. Great little book.

The cat is now clawing at the window to be let in so I'm turning off blather mode.

Stay You.
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