Thursday, June 16, 2005

Speaking Tonight

It's early and I have a speaking engagement tonight. Doesn't that sound fancy? A speaking engagement. What it is is me getting up in front of 25 people at Karlo's Italian Bistro in Florence Kentucky to give them a basic investment presentation. This will be part of a patient appreciation event being thrown by one of my clients.

I can do the presentation in my sleep (and have). There's nothing fancy in it, but people still seem to be wow'd at times by it. I like that. One thing that I've noticed is that even though I can do this in my sleep and have done it 100 times or more, speaking to a group is exhausting. After a presentation I ride a huge adrenalin rush and then 1-2 hours later I crash hard. I get exhausted and grumpy. I guess it's from being in front of people all the time. This has made me realize that my political career may be limited. How do these politicians go from meeting to meeting and campaign event to campaign event and not tell everyone to just go to hell. You have to admire that - in a way.

Should I take a nap sometime today? Will anyone at my office let me?

Stay You.
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