Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday Challenger Article/Breakfast with Howard

I had almost given up on the Sunday Challenger running this piece of mine on Covington City Commission Jerry Stricker. I had submitted it a few months ago and was thinking of asking if another local paper would want it. But here it is.

Here's a snippet:
The fifth child of Clarence and Frieda Stricker grew up on Newport's West Side, moving from rental property to rental property as family economics dictated. The moving stopped, however, when he was a freshman at Newport High School. His oldest brother, Robert, died in World War II and a small payment from the government allowed the Strickers to buy their first home on Columbia Street. Unfortunately, just a couple of years later, Clarence Stricker passed away when Jerry was 17 years old.
Jerry Stricker is an older man - maybe late 60's but doesn't look it. He also seems tall. I'm at 6'0" even and he seems to tower over me, but looking back on it, I think that was his personality. That sign in the picture wasn't that high off the ground. He's also thin and works out quite a bit. He's done alot and spoke quite abit about it. That's quite a difference from conversations I have with most people where it eventually turns back to something they saw on television.

Yesterday morning I had a sparringly attended client appreciation breakfast (15 people in all) at the local country club, but made some good contacts there (a CPA, a mortgage broker, the son of a client who is a graphic design who may be able to help with this) that I think will help my clients in the future. That's always good. I actually like smaller groups. I've had a few in the 35-40 people range and don't feel like a make as deep of a relationship connection with that many, so maybe this size is better.

Stay You.
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