Monday, June 13, 2005

Things I Don't Care About

I don't care about that missing chick in Aruba. Sorry. I thought we were suppose to be infatuated with missing or dead pretty blondes. Sorry. She may be missing or dead. She's a blonde. But pretty?

Michael Jackson jury is in. Whatever. If he's guilty is he still the King of Pop. If not, who is? Will a Regent of Pop be named? Maybe a mature figure. Huey Lewis maybe? Until a new King of Pop can be determined.

At the grocery store I thought I didn't think I knew who Katie Holmes was, but then I remembered her from this movie that I liked. Why do I care that she's so young? Isn't Tom Cruise a male movie star? Isn't he suppose to like younger women? Doesn't he have the ability to get them? So he does. Why is that news? Why do I care who Tom Cruise is having sex with? Ok, I do have one question: Isn't Katie Holmes going serious downhill from Nicole? Answer: Yes!

Hear about that shop-a-holic 9/11 widow? I don't care about her. Screw her; her friends sound pretty dispicable too. I put the shop-a-holic disease right up there with anorexia. Only a country as rich as ours can start making up diseases for rich people to have.

Ok, how many of you have I pissed off? Why do you care?

Stay You.
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