Tuesday, June 07, 2005

You Ever Want to Disappear?

You Ever Want to Disappear? This Northern Kentucky woman did.
When a Texas Ranger visited the school where Ann Dickenson works in Moody, Texas, she assumed he was bringing the worst news: that her daughter Brandi Stahr, gone without a trace for nearly seven years, was dead.

But Stahr wasn't missing at all, and the stunning truth soon emerged: She had simply walked away from her life.

I think it's kind of cool. She slipped off the face of the earth...at least her earth. Yes, it's cruel to leave your parents in that kind of mental torture, but maybe - just maybe - for a daughter to disappear, the parents don't really deserve a whole lot of consideration? Maybe they were sucky parents? Probably.

I've given it some thought and once or twice flipped through books at the book store on how to disappear. Pack up the wife and kids and....vanish. It sure would simply life alot. It sure would eliminate a lot of negative family connections. Put up in some ridiculous place like Eugene, Oregon or Conway, South Carolina. I'm surprised this particular woman disappeared to Florence Kentucky (Florence is an old Indian word for "Out by the Mall"). I thought all weird things happened in Florida. But it's not going to happen. I'm staying put.

One thing I do like about these stories is the accompaning photos. Do these people think, "Reporters are here. They want my story. They want my picture. I think I'll change into that really nice t-shirt I bought in Wyoming. Hon, you go put on your Harley Patriotica t-shirt."

And there's always a step dad. I know I'm generalizing again, but I always think he's the dick. He's the one that was the final straw. He was the one who came in an laid down some law and pissed everybody off and drank too much and ended up buying a fancy American flag t-shirt with a bitchin' eagle on it.

But the part I really like was this line:

Dickenson was nervous about calling her daughter. Stahr's sister called first, then her stepfather called - even though the marshal told them that Stahr didn't want to hear from them just yet.....

A couple hours later, Ann Dickenson picked up the phone. On the other end, she heard her daughter's voice for the first time in more than six years.
That's right. In not uncertain term (you disappear for 5 years) you tell your mother you don't want to deal with them and then a Texas Marshall tells your mom not to call and what does she do? She calls.

Maybe Ms. Shahr ought to consider disappearing again. I hear Pensacola is nice.

Stay You.

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