Friday, July 15, 2005

Brain Dump

Every so often I need to clear the cobwebs out of my head and dump the contents of my brain onto the blog page. Maybe these items don't make sense, but maybe they do.

Ever since the Cincinnati riots happened, the cops have slowly been retreating out of those communities. Some other incidents have happened and the politicians have caved and the cops just aren't showing up as quick. People are pissed because the cops actually are doing their jobs. It leads to incidents like this Wednesday story where a pregnant 14 year old is shot in the neck at a late night party and here on Thursday where a man is shot by a stray bullet on his room couch talking on the phone.

I've stated before that I think Cincinnati is a racist city, but these cops do want to do their jobs, but they don't want to be called Nazi's for it and if they are going to be endangered they're going to let the place turn into a shooting gallery. I drive through these neighborhoods on the way to the office and tomorrow I'm taking the kids into one of the to shop at the market. I'll be looking suspiciously at each black male under 25. That's not racist. Just sad...and smart.

The Sweetest Smell; The Saddest Sight. That was the title I was thinking of for this next part. Any good?

Anyway, I treated The Divine Mrs. M to two things on my way home from work. We had her car in the shop again so she took and picked me up from work. I had to drop off a UPS package downtown so there we went. The UPS center in on Mehring way (see map) an industrial section of town. On the way we pass the Sunbeam baker. It's an ugly building, but a very nice smell. If I'm working late the smell of fresh baked bread hangs heavy in the air and gets my stomach going feeed me.

Just around the corner you come to the barbed wire fence of the Hamilton County Jail. The street runs right against it and it stands about 8 stories or so. The barred windows look down on you and you can see the men's arms sometimes hanging out of them. Now that the weather is warmer you start to see women on the other side. I'm assuming these are the girlfriends, paramours and wives. Sometimes just two or three; sometimes 10-15. They're just standing there. Some wear their Sunday best and others dress like whores. Oftentimes they hold signs with hearts and ballons; oftentimes they hold children in their arms; too often they make sexual motions - once I saw a women lift her shirt and squeeze her breast provocatively. This wasn't pretty. The street traffic blows past them.

This all happens underneath a sign that reads that "Abortion is the No. 1 killer of black youth" with a picture of an angelic face.

Then I think about the Supreme Court and the hysteria that's about to sweep the political classes. I think abortion is wrong. It shouldn't happen. But I have very pro-choice tendencies. Do motivations matter? If I'm pro-choice because i think women should control their bodies is that ok? If I think that early pregancy caused by society, rape, molestion, etc is too crippling on a young girl is that bad? My main jump to the pro-choice side is when I think of the baby of the 14-year old girl that was shot and the babies standing with their mom's outside the jail.

These are the kids that - when grown- will be harming my kids or grandkids. They don't have much of a chance. They are born into a evil system. Am I wrong in thinking that they should have been aborted? Look, their lives suck, their not going to be doing much with them. Get them out of the way.

Then I think that maybe they can be like that Sunbeam baker. It's in an ugly part of town, it's in an ugly building, but what comes out of it smells and tastes so good. There's that chance; that possiblity that something great can come out of those kids.

New topics?

I love my IPod.

I've been editing a text book. Something new. It's been fun.

The Divine Mrs. M's car was in the shop. Again. The thermometer gauge was cut by the fan and then the coolant was low. The people who replaced the engine last time fixed it up charge.

I read the above and some of it may sound racist. It's not. It's just that that part of town is black. If I had to choose, I'd rather walk through Cincinnati's black Over-The-Rhine neighborhood than some other neighborhoods that are predominantly Appalachian. The next town over from Bellevue for example - Dayton (see map, the divinding line between Bellevue and Dayton is Van Voast Ave. Bellevue is German Catholic; Dayton is Appalachian and the difference is jarring when you cross that street). Some places there scare the living hell out of me and it's all-white, all-hillbilly.

Speaking of race relations: I took the girls and dog for a walk around the block last night about 8. I was impressed with our little multicutural neighborhood. This is Kentucky remember, but I spoke with the neighbor who also goes to our church while she weeded her sidewalk. She has a heavy German accent that sounds so cool. Kinda like Cloris Leachman in Young Frankenstein - I mean, Frankenstein. I then invited the Rodrigeuz's two doors down to a party on Labor day weekend. They were sitting on their doorstep. They kids were happy, I'm not sure if Dad truly understands my English. Maybe he's just quiet. Then I had to stop and invite the other neighbors who just moved in. They were sitting on their doorstep also. They are from the aforementioned Dayton. She's tall and blonde (everyone is blonde around here). That's my street. Not bad. All nice people.

Brain empty now.

Stay You.
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