Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bush and the Supremes

I watched Bush announce his nomination of that guy last night...then I did some work.

No. I watched the analysis for about 15 minutes and it looks like conservatives will be happy (if that's possible). But what disappointed me about the conservative talking heads is...

Why do we care? As a conservative, I like the power to be away from the Feds. The nomination will be a huge ordeal with many people on both sides thinking that it is a life-or-death fight. The fact is that since it is a big deal means the Feds have way to much power and that's a defacto loss for the conservatives.

People should be able to lead there whole lives not giving a damn who is on the Supreme Court because their life shouldn't be that affected by the Court. People should be more concerned about who their county prosector or police chief or neighborhood night patrolman is (know yours?) because that person does have an effect on you and your families safety and well-being.

Things are up-side-down and that's a defeat for the conservatives no matter who Bush nominated.

Stay You.
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