Thursday, July 07, 2005

They Landed a Punch

A man going to work with the everyday worries of an everyday can I afford college...did I leave the cooker that promotion coming...what will I watch my daughter pregnant....can my son get into school...why is his hair green...gets blown to hell in a train station in London.

Nobody is asking who did this. It wasn't disgruntled Lutherans from Minnesota. It wasn't Baptist bible thumpers in Texas or Hindus from Cashmere. It wasn't a wild Calvinist from Switzerland.

We know who did this. There's no doubt. I know we all saw the images and thought: some Muslims finally pulled it off.

Islamofacist have landed punches in NY, Madrid, Bali, and Beslan, and a variety of other places. It's time to stop this. It's time to hold the structure of the Islamofacist accountable. It's time for fat SUV owners to pay $5/gallon after the Saudi's are undercut by our government. It's time for Syrian facism to be destroyed. It's time for the mullahs of Iran to be dead.

Let's muster the will. Let's do the job.

I've been off the internet and away from tv and radio today. I just checked out drudge and cnn and fox. Lot's of images. Lot's of stories. I haven't found the one where the head of the Sunni community in London has condemned these actions. I've said it before but it can't be hard for an English speaking Muslim cleric to get on tv. In fact, I know when I do see a Muslim speak later today, he will be scolding us not to engage in any anti-Muslim thoughts.

Well, I didn't have any anti-Muslim thoughts until I heard the silence of the Muslim community since 9/11. Now I don't really want anything to do with them. I'm done.

God Bless and Keep England.

Stay You.
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