Friday, July 01, 2005

Too Much Time

How do they do it?

I'm just a little blogger, I'm an employee and I'm buidling my own business. I have a young family and a few outside committments. But I'm not unusual. Lots of people are busy with their own stuff. Although none of us are really that busy. Are we?

What got me thinking was that I've been a little sparse lately on the blogging and it's because I'm busy. I could do more (last night I watched two movies and fell asleep to another), but I haven't.

But others are very prolific. People like Althouse, and Instapundit and Vodkapundit and the Powerline guys. And lileks, and whoever else. Supposedly these people have day jobs. Don't they? How do they get any work done and do all that they do? Is being a law professor or journo or whatever that easy?

Stay You.
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