Monday, August 08, 2005

Another brain dump

Sara over at Moonbatty gave some wonderful computer tips the other week. Go check them out. She is very helpful.

Sorry that Peter Jennings has signed off for eternity. I always like that clipped accent thing he had going which was a little pretentious, but my older Canadian relatives had parts of it to. Kinda cool. Our secretary seems bothered by it. She told me about how she has always watched him. I told her I haven't seen a network news broadcast in - what? - 15 years. Right now, we're a Brit Hume family.

Cincinnati librarians are considering unionizing. I laughed. Maybe more goes on at the library than I realize but from what I can tell it's no more than a place to borrow videos cheap and city kids to play on the internet. At least, when I'm at the downtown library that's what I see. Oh, and the staff there? Surly as teamsters. They already act as if they are unionized so might was well go pay the dues.

I have an e-mail in my in-box from a reporter for the Sunday Challenger, our local paper, doing a story about blogging in Northern Kentucky. Unfortunately, I don't know any other Northern Kentucky Bloggers. Any idea how I could find some for this reporter?

All over town there are billboards for the upcoming race at the Kentucky Speedway. They feature Danica Patrick. Here she is. She led the Indy 500 for a few laps and is now sucking up all the attention. Good for her. Can anyone name one race outside of the Indy 500 in that particular sport? Maybe Danica can change that.

Gotta go. Busy day.

Stay You.
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