Wednesday, August 17, 2005

French Christians

John Derbyshire e-mailed me back with some thanks on my post about his book. One would think these guys are too busy to bother. No. It's nice hearing from someone whose book you admire. This is a very romantic book in a way. Go buy it. He said that he once thought about becoming a financial guy, but decided to become a starving writer instead.

He just returned from a European vacation so how hungry is this guy? Just kidding. Here's a great exchange he had with his French Hotel.

Also, I saw this article via drudge regarding the lady about the rule Germany. Her party is the Christian Democrats. Isn't that word "Christian" a bit off-putting in a political party? Especially in view of our own attitude (good and bad) toward religion in politics. It seems we get tisked tisked enough by those people for our beliefs, what about this?

Stay You.
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