Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm Crushed. Crushed! I say!

I sometimes do things on larks. Not alot, but sometimes. That's how I started the freelance journalism stuff. Alot of these things work out. I don't go with my gut often but when I do it seems to work out.

So that's why I applied to be an instructor at the University of Phoenix - Online. It could be fun. They have a huge building on the north side of the city - just off the highway. What the hell, I thought.

I've been turned down. My ego is shattered. How do I recover from being turned down by a educational institution with the word "on-line" in the title.

Apparently there are strict guidelines that say I must have my Master's. I don't have a Masters of Finance or an MBA. I hold the Chartered Financial Analyst designation which I think is more useful and prestigious. I've seen MBAs be cute cube monkey's just like anyone else.

I don't place much weight on degrees anyway. Sure I want my md to be from a rigourous school, but the over-credentialization of professions I think is chasing away alot of good people. These types of rules would have kept Einstein out of a high school physics teaching position because he didn't have a teaching degree.

I have a solid work history with a unique background and I know more that most about finance and the markets. There loss. But it's still funny to be turned down by them.

No. It hurts. I won't be able to join an online fraternity or hang out at the e-quad. I'll miss that experience of smoking cloves and wearing berets as I enter a chat room to hang with my friends.


Stay You.
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