Saturday, August 27, 2005

Jesus Has a Sex Change

I'm quickly tiring of religion. I've picked on my denomination - The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - a few times, but now they're trying to give Jesus a sex change - or a least a neutering.

From this story:
Then, after two hours of debate, delegates gave sustained applause for the approval of work on the new book that attempts to be open to different cultures and new musical styles. It will offer alternatives such as "Holy Eternal Majesty, Holy Incarnate Word, Holy Abiding Spirit" for the male-dominated Trinitarian image of "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" in prayers during Sunday services.
Among the more controversial proposed changes, gender-neutral language is substituted or offered as alternatives in many places for male pronouns for God or masculine images referring to humanity. For example, a line in the Apostle's Creed would substitute the phrase "God's only son" for "his only son" in a reference to Jesus. In some hymns, words like "king" are eliminated in favor of the more direct word "God." In other cases, such as the song "How Great Thou Art," the masculine imagery is left in because the church decided change would be too disruptive.
First off, who cares? Are women truly feeling oppressed by a "masculine images of God"? If so, lighten up ladies?

Second off, is this what they're spending their (my) money on? Every time I read about my denomination it is focused on someone's dick or lack there of or where they're putting said dick. This is getting very boring. How much money was spent on this debate and can't we just eliminate these people's positions and build a few hundred homes each year for people in some poor country somewhere?

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with women doing whatever they want to do in the church. We picked our current church because the pastor was a chick and I thought it would be nice for the girls to experience that. It also didn't hurt that the church is only about 8 blocks from our house.

However, The Divine Mrs. M. spends a huge amount of time helping the church especially in children's ministries. Because of where we live and where our church is, these are often times poorer kids. Let's say a kid is influenced enough by my wife's activities that they bring it up to mom or dad. Mom or dad googles the ECLA and finds our our church deals mostly with homosexuals (second hit) and, now, neutering Jesus.

What's a poor kentucky mom or dad going to do? I know them. They're not dumb. They'll assume it's a church for rich white people who have the cash and time to debate such silly things and not help or service people.

Stay You.
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