Thursday, August 04, 2005

MD Customer Service

I know I have some visitors from people in the medical field so here's some recommendations I came up with from the Dr. visit I just came back from:

1. Have a peaceful reception area. People are not at ease when they have to go see the doctor. Personally, I want to reflect, relax, and browse a newsweek. Blaring Montel Williams having white-trash scream at each other doesn't relax me.

2. Please don't make me wait...everytime. I know you can have a bad day, but when it's every time that no one talks to me until an hour past my appointment time, you can adjust your scheduling.

3. Fine. I know you going to make me wait. Can't you at least have pretty blonde smiling reception person with a nice disposition? Do you have to put the ugly overweight middle-aged bitch front and center of your medical practice?

This isn't Burnt Scrotum New Mexico. It's Cincinnati. I can swing a decatheder and hit a GP.

Just some thoughts. Maybe you'll change. If not, I hope you go broke and your kids have to go to a local community college.

2nd Thoughts: Point number 3 isn't limited to physicians. Our gym for the past few years consistently hires slightly overweight, petulant looking, non-responsive 22-year old community college drop-outs to work their front desk. How hard is it to find a Tony Little wannna-be to work the desk - make people feel good, get them excited about working out, renewing their membership.

Stay You.
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