Thursday, August 11, 2005

Northern Kentucky (cute link) made the national news again. That "modern day Bonnie & Clyde" stopped here to see the sites. I hope they enjoyed it but unfortunately a night in an Econolodge in Erlanger, Kentucky isn't my idea of an enjoyable last night of freedom.

Joan should be proud that is was a taxi driver that id'd them. All hail cab drivers - America's watch dogs.

Like Moonbatty, the Divine Mrs. M is getting herself off the caffiene. Her delivery system of choice is Diet Coke. She's not been grumpy. She's spending alot of time at the gym. Wish her luck.

It's amazing that if you took abortion out of the body politics that this John Roberts nomination would hardly cause a stir. Want to settle the issue? Send it back to the states and let them decide. I stand by my firm belief that the most Bible thumping state would still have it. Not many people believe in abortion until their 15-year old daughter gets pregnant and every parent lives in fear of that. If the pro-life people really cared as much as they say, abortion would have been gone a while ago.

One thing I never took into account was the old Deep Throat admonition to Bob and Carl which was to "follow the money." This guy did here. He makes a good point. Maybe the whole pro-choice movement is really just a jobs program. I'd still like to know if they teach abortion procedures in med school?

A week or so ago, the Divine Mrs. M went to Judge Roberts wife's favorite club Feminist for Life and thought it looked more like a t-shirt sales organization. National Review has a nice article on them and I must agree Don't Women Deserve Better Than Abortion. Is this the most pressing issue to women.

Stay You.
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