Friday, August 19, 2005

Political Roundup

I knocked off early yesterday. First time in like forever I've done that and went to the Red's game. I'm not much of a baseball fan but it's cool when someone like Ken Griffey Jr. gets a center field out of the park homerun on the 3rd at bat.

But enough baseball, let's do some quick politics:

Imagine that. Jews being forcible removed from their homes. Not like that's never happened before. Now let's see what happens to the million and a half Palestinians. I see three possibilities.
1. A Somalia on the Mediteranian will emerge. Warlords and starvation and finally US intervention
2. Egypt takes over and cracks down on the militants harder than the Israelis ever did and nobody - the European Union, the UN, the NGOs - will say much of anything.
3. It becomes THE place for terrorist training and all Arab countries will offer free airfare to their own nutjobs just to get them out of their turbans.

No matter what happens, the Gaza withdrawal will not be enough and any negative outcome will be the fault of Israel. As Joe Montegna said in some money I was watching, "Maybe the Jews need to ask after 5,000 years of anti-Semitism, maybe it us?" No. It's not.

The reason I support this war is the swamp analogy I've used in other places. We are a happy town (the US, I mean) but a mile or so away is a stinking swamp (the entire middle east) that's producing malarious mosquitoes (Islamo facist). We don't want to have to drain the swamp. People will die draining the swamp and the workers themselves will contract malaria and some rare plants and animals may disappear, but - dammit- the swamp needs drained. It's a filthy stinking swamp. We can't put our town under a net and hope it all goes away. It just takes men to get the job done.

I think the swamp just expanded into Gaza.

Cindy Sheehan
I'm not going to pick on the lady. She seems a bit nuts and seems to be being used by the media and the anti-war folks. I do have one question.

How does she pay the bills? I mean, who is running her life and doing things that need to get done. I know that the guy who died was her oldest and she's got younger kids: daughters who need mothers during teen years. Young Courtney or Brittney or whoever can't be put on hold for Anderson Cooper. Who is paying the bills? Who's getting the kids ready for back to school? Who's making sure they are at soccer practice? Who's doing all the things that parents have to do?

Not only have these kids lost an older brother, they've lost their parents marriage, they've a crazy mom, now grandma has a stroke.

This seems kind of sad.

Bob Taft
I live in Kentucky but work in Ohio so I do have an interest in the health of the Ohio body politic. Also, I am a registered Republican, but Taft getting whacked seems just ok to me. Couldn't happen to a nicer tax raising guy.

This man who was born with a fortunate name and trust fund but an unfortunate face got caught up in the little form filling form filing crap that his type of country club Republicans have helped put in place.

At one time I was very active in local politics. I did well working with the party here, but - along with family and career - I back out because I kept having to sign forms that had warnings and notes of jail time if I made a mistake. Who needs that? I'm just trying to help out a little and now I'm risking jail. No, thanks.

The Taft family name is all over Cincinnati. This is where the President was from and his grandfather and father were Senators from. Their names are on schools and road and buildings and museums , etc. They owned this place. They are Republican as all get out. I know Republicans and I know history and I can't think of one single thing any of this family stood for or done. What's their purpose? Noblesse oblige?

I'm out for the weekend. maybe. Time to get to work.

Stay You.
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