Wednesday, August 10, 2005

University of Phoenix Responds

Being that type of guy I sent an e-mail with link to yesterday's post about the University of Phoenix online to the recruiter who sent me the "you're-not-good-enough" e-mail.

He responded back with this:
As an FYI, I looked at the blog, and I want to point out that the ground campus and Online campus recruiting functions are serperate. I know ground has more flexibility than Online, but I am not sure if they have flexibility with respect to the degree requirement. Only one way to know for sure.... contact them.
Cheers! - Hope your ego recovers soon, it seems like you are well on your way! :)
Ok, so it makes me like their University all the more when their recruiters respond to humor - even a little mean like mine was - with humor. Need an online degree? Check them out.

Stay You.
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