Monday, September 12, 2005


In the last few posts I've been more than happy to peg part of the blame for the New Orleans flooding on Bush (again, what if the attack came from Abdulla al-Katrina?). I have repeatedly wondered how much of the lack of action was fear on Bush's part in confronting an entrenched black local government. I wonder the same on the border situation. How much of his lack of action is political fear in confronting Hispanic politicians. A little bit of white Republican guilt? or just political opportunism? Either one makes me mad.

I think the Louisiana politicans are going to get there's also.

However, two groups are not. First is congress. They're already demanding heads and a commission. Yawn. My question and demand is that there are 535 Senators and Representatives. Why didn't they look into the levy system last year? Where were they? Especially those from Louisiana. Don't they have responsibility here and shouldn't Congress look into that first?

Second is the media. They're also demanding heads. But where were the stories about the levy weaknesses or whatever is going on a year ago. Greta on Fox was wall-to-wall dead-blondes-in-Aruba. Now it's dead-blacks-in-Louisiana. Just like before 9/11 it was some dead-girlfriend-of-a-married-congressman.

OK, fine. Lessons learned. But when all this blows over and we're back to the next dead/missing/maimed blonde chick where will the story be on our still weak spots. I know they're boring, but isn't that what the news media is for? Don't they put themselves up on a pedestal as defendors of the first amendment and the oppressed and whatnot? Push those stories! Do your job! Quit pointing fingers so fast when you've been profiteering off the corpses of dead young women.

Stay You.
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