Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bush Doubts: Of Borders,Hurricanes, and Terrorists

I like Bush. I know this is tv talking, but I just feel like I know where the guy is coming from and I understand it. However, there are a number of things that I don't agree with the President on.

One being compassionate conservatism. As opposed to meany conservatism. Look, I don't think it's compassionate to keep another generation on welfare and in the slums. Another is No Child Left Behind. As if a guy not going to college and becoming a plumber is a tragic loss. I have plenty of clients who drive trucks with their names on the side of their doors unclogging toilets or laying cement. Here's a secret: the guy's got alot of cash.

But I'll take my little disagreements and lump them because in general I think Bush is OK. Mainly, he lowers taxes and kills terrorists. I like that.

Here's the big black question mark in my mind: Why doesn't he go all the way with homeland security? I'm starting to think he may be negligent.

Why isn't there a 10-foot fence across the north and south borders? Why are they're still people coming in? I'm pro-immigrant to my bones. See my book here - page 44. It's been awhile since I crossed the Northern border, but it can't be that hard for me. And I don't trust that Pedro, Antonio, and Javier and going to report a guy named Abdulla carrying a briefcase that crossed with them.

A fence can't be that expensive. What a shuttle flight or two? Can you tell me what the last shuttle flight did besides hobble back to earth?

If the next terrorist comes through Mexico, Mr. Bush should be impeached.

Another thing that is making me question Bush is Katrina and her waves. This storm took out a relatively small portion of a levee and floods a major city dislocating a half million people, choking off oil to the country and halting shipping through her port. I'm seeing pictures of houses built next to this levee. You can't tell me a Timothy McVeigh-style truck or one of those houses loaded with C-4 couldn't punch just as big a hole in one of those walls.

We had several days notice that this bitch of a storm was coming. The terrorists will give us none. And we can't figure out how to plug that hole? There was no plan to plug it in case of attack?

There's been no major attack on our soil since 9/11. Have we been just that good or just that lucky?

Stay You.
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