Sunday, September 18, 2005

Infrequent Posts

Post have been few lately. There's a number of reasons. I tend to post less when under stress and I have been. We're short staffed at the office and some of that work is coming to me. Simple things like having to answer the phone now is eating up minutes during my day.

I do have good news. However, I don't want to jinx it. Wait. I'm not superstitious (sp?)!

I've expanded my freelance reporting duties. No longer will I be only doing work for the Northern Kentucky Sunday Challenger (which I forgot to pick up today), but I've now been assigned 3 stories from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

That's the big league for me.

This freelance journalism stuff came about just on a lark. I was bored one day and needed a change. Now, a year later, I'm writing for major paper. Not on staff and only little fluff stories, but, hey, who am I?

So between being short staffed at work, the corporate writing I'm trying to do, my freelance work, and my own private practice, things are a little tight and this blog suffers.

Poor blog.

There are bigger problems. I just wished it all paid better.

Stay You.
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