Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I've Lost Interest

In this blog. Alot has been going on in September. Alot. I can't really write about some of it. Don't want to write about other bits. I've already let you know about writing for the Enquirer. I've submitted a story to my editor and I did an interview for another one tonight. I need a few phone interviews for a third. I even had to schedule a photographer for one story and still need to schedule one for another.

Who'd a thunk it? Li'l ol' me.

This is kind of fun, but it keeps me running on empty. Oh yeah, and I have a massive deadline on October 31 for a corporate writing gig I picked up in the summer.

Finally, all my clients seem to be back from summer vacations and want to meet like NOW!!!


So please forgive if I don't post much. The news is unexciting to me. I always seem to be saying the same thing, but it's always when I feel like this that the blog actually picks up.

I didn't go into the office today because of sickness. It was really a mental health day. I got to spend some time with the Divine Mrs. M and also Daughter #2.

As I was putting her down for a nap D2 (age 4) explained while looking at my hair, "Daddy, you're hair is turning black!"

"No, dear, it's turning gray. I used to be very dark black hair."

She curled her nose up. That's her nice way of saying I'm a liar.

I showed her my wedding picture that was nearby. I was heavier then - not much - wore owlly glasses and looked uncomfortable (because my picture was being taken while surrounded by relatives and I always look uncomfortable around relatives), and I had dark hair.

She didn't believe it was me still. In her mind daddy has mostly gray hair. That's how daddy's should be. No Grecian Formula for me then. But maybe this stuff. Whatcha think?

Stay You.
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