Sunday, September 11, 2005

Scary Night

Last night we ate dinner at some friends. They have a new house and showed it off. Not my type of thing but it seems nice for them. I don't like vaulted ceilings, but Scott is 6'4"ish and it doesn't look silly with him in the place.

We left 11:00 or so with the kids chatting away. Alicia was trying not to go crazy with their blather and I was just wanting to get home and that's when I saw her. The interstate was sort of busy - it's 4 lanes each way. I was going east bound on I-275 ready to get on I-471 northbound when I saw her. Alicia didn't; the kids didn't. But it was a woman crawling in the far right hand lane. She was about to reach the right hand white line.

I pulled over as fast as I could, called 911 and tried to calmly tell them where I was at. My voice had raised a few octaves. I had Alicia and the kids stay in the car. I didn't realize how far I had driven past her - must have been a quarter mile. I ran toward her. By the time I got there, another car had pulled over. It was full of older people; about 60+. The woman had made it across with little damage; the only blood was from her elbow. She was about 60 also. Drunk off her ass. Smelled of pot.

She was flailing about as the oldsters attempted to steer her away from walking/stumbling back into traffic. Since I was about 50 lbs heavier, 6" taller and 30 years younger than anyone else there, I told them to back off from manhandling her and I would just run a block if she stumbled toward traffic. We had to take her down once - not pleasant.

From what I could tell by her screaming and rambling she had apparently finished servicing (you know what I mean) a guy. Since he was done with her he tossed her from the car. The minimum he could have been going at the time on that highway was 50. Great guy.

Cops showed up and I left quickly since I still hadn't explained to Alicia and the kids what I had seen. I didn't know if they knew what was going on.

I never have insomnia but I did last night. Not good. I'm sure the lady has a hell of a hang over today.

Stay You.
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