Saturday, October 29, 2005

Another Saturday in the Salt Mines

"The Salt Mines" is the unofficial name of my basement. It's where I work on the weekends to bump up the income a little.

My basement is grungy, but it's functional. The floors are concrete, the ceiling is uncovered so the rafters and ducts and the hardwood floor of the upstairs is showing its ass side to me. The prior owners finished one wall with paneling, then while installing decided to cover the next few feet with z-brick, and then another 7 feet or so with some faux-adobe-I-have-no-clue-what-it-is
-suppose-to-be. We have old and handed down furniture down here.

There are four small windows, but it's always a bit too dark. But the windows do reveal a beautiful day out and I have some police reports to get re-done for the Enquirer since I messed them up to begin with and a large corporate job due Monday.....

And then I read that Cathy Seipp has had for several years lung cancer and I think I should embrace life and go have fun, but....this is life. Paying the bills, working today to improve tomorrow. I think I do a good job of balancing life and work.

So its another weekend in the Salt mines.

On the bright side I did an article on the upcoming Edwards/Forbes discussion - don't call it a debate - coming to NKU this Tuesday. I'll be there for the Enquirer covering it and since this journalism thing is just a side-line I think it would be fun to ask "boxers or briefs?", but I know I won't. So give me your ideas.

Stay You.
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