Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Conservatism NOT!

Way back when I was amazed that the Democratic Convention kept labeling Bush an ultra-conservative.

I'll say it again for the same reasons: Bush is no ultra-conservative. With the Miers business, I'm beginning to think he isn't much of a conservative at all. The Laura Bush "sexism" charge sealed it for me. Mrs. B is a disciplined woman. I can't think of any gaffes that she's made since becoming first lady. That's got to be hard. So the idea that she slipped and said "sexism" on the Today show doesn't sound like an accident. Georgie or Karl wanted her to say it.

The cry of "racist" or "sexist" or "hater" is the modern day disent crusher most often used by the left or at least it seems so....unconservative-like.

But back to the court. Most Republicans I know I wouldn't say are conservative. Oh, they claim to be as they drop their kids off at public school, but they really aren't. They are conservative in the way of that great line from Catch-22 (from memory) "the farmer was against all government action - except farm subsidies - as creeping socialism."

Anyway, anyone who knows conservatives knows that the court is it. The big enchilada. The only thing worse than nominated badly is raising taxes. It's a touch stone of the movement. A Republican president with a Republican congress taking a chance with one of those once in 20-year seats is crazy. Put up a known quantity. A rock solid conservative who knows why he is and can say why. If you don't understand it, you're probably not a conservative.

So George Bush isn't.

Which makes me giggle because after all the hatred for Bush, what will the left do if a Reaganesque true believer is elected next.

Stay You.
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