Monday, October 31, 2005

Edwards/Forbes Press Conference

Last chance before tomorrow's interview to offer me questions to ask former Sen. Edwards or Steve Forbes.

What would you ask them? What would you ask any of the students on campus?

Doesn't your philosophy mean that if conservatives were in total charge, public universities like this one would cease to exist?

Is time spent away from running your magazine and participating in vanity campaigns a disservice to the stockholders of Forbes, Inc. or do they prefer you out of the office?

You aften speak of two america's one poor and one priviledged. Isn't your own biography a refutation of that propostion?

You "bought" your first election in NC, for a second term polls said you'd have an uphill fight getting reelected to the Senate. There was no way you'd ever deliver NC to the Dems as a VP candidate. What again was it exactly that you offered to the Kerry campaign?

Is Drowning Pool too derivative of early 80s punk?

Stay You.
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