Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween

In Bellevue, they celebrate Halloween on the nearest Sunday - during the day.

At first I didn't like the idea, but then we had our first here and now we love it.

For some reason, Bellevue is the it place. Maybe because they have it on a differnt day, but kids and parents come from the surrounding cities to trick-or-treat here. Almost every house has someone sitting on their front porch waiting for th kids. On some streets, the sidewalks are choked.

Very Nice.

But I do worry that Halloween is becoming too commercialized. Aren't we forgetting the true meaning of Halloween? A time when Jesus dressed up as a pharasee and scared the bejesus out of some fellow Jews until they gave him pixie sticks and on the third day he still had a belly ache for eating too much candy. At least that's what I remember happened.

Settle down - it's all about fun - except in Newton, Mass. where a kid's school event has been cancelled become some parents bitched.

My first reaction was "so what". Kids should have parties on their own dime, not while the taxpayers of Newton are footing the bill, but then I wondered. Who complained? It's strikingly absent. What religious beliefs have been offended? Christian, Jew, or Muslim?

I have a feeling if it was some Bible thumper Evangelical that moved to Newton from Pig's Knob Georgia, the principal would have told them to take a hike. Jahovah's witnesses? Probably the same reaction. Nobody takes them serious. Catholics? They love halloween. All that death. Jews don't complain. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that some Muslims are bitching and in an attempt to placate his PC nature, the principal pulled up his dress and squelled cancel Christmas. Why not? They've banned Piglet in England because of some griping Muslims.

At least tell us who's griping.

So now the school will have a "Fall Festival" where kids can dress up as their favorite literatary characters. Great! 300 Harry Potters and his babe Hermine. Next month, all the kids can have a day off for Turkey Day where they can - if they so wish - give thanks to ....well. An unnamed feeling of goodwill toward all person kind. Then a month later they can decorate a Holiday Tree with ribbons and sparkles and wake up with presents from the Holiday spirit left under the tree and wonder why in the hell there's a dusty old angel in Grandma's old x-mas box. What's that got to do with a Winter Holiday?

Stay You.
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