Monday, October 24, 2005

Link to Lileks and Questions for a Future President

Two points.

1. It's writing like this. That's good. Maybe great even. Done on a blog at no charge to anyone. That makes me feel worthless. I'm jealous.

No one reads poetry anymore. Mostly because it sucks. But I believe the blog may be the new poetry. 5 minutes of pleasure. Then you're done.

2. Next week boy Senator John Edwards and professional billionaire goofy guy Steve Forbes will be speaking at Northern Kentucky University. That's my beat for the Enquirer. Guess what? I've got 15 minutes with each of them.

They both have dreams of being president. What do you ask someone who could possibly if all the stars align and lightening struck maybe accidentally fall into the presidency?

I need your help. Really, what would you ask them?

Stay You.
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