Friday, October 21, 2005

My Friday

7:20 am
I'm eating some sliced red bell peppers left over from a fajita night for breakfast at my desk. I just noticed that my keyboard is now pink from the juice I wasn't wiping off my fingers.

7:45 am
I don't believe in astrology. It's bunk. However, a habit I picked up from a guy that has since quit this office is to check out Page 3 (warning: adult content) each morning. Page 3 refers to the page of the British tabloid The Sun that for the past 30+ years has featured a topless lady. Now that's journalism! Each day, the Sun rotates a pic of one of their regular models. It seems to predict my day. Days when Michelle or Keely are featured is good. Days when Zoe is featured are bad. Others only yield a ho-hum day.

Again, I don't believe in astrology. Maybe boobology?

8:20 am
Speaking of page3 - The Divine Mrs. M and I went to a class on Islam last week. I thought that it leaned more toward a defense of Islam than an understanding, but, oh, well. A case in point: Sure - depending on the Muslim region or state - their woman are burka'd and beaten and can't drive or be in the presence of other men, but at least they are not exploited and objectified like Western women are in the media. True.

I can almost see their point. I'm one who doesn't believe prostitution is a victimless crime or that strippers strip only to make money to pay for their M.D. and not to work out issues caused by daddy.

But one point I did take umbrage with. We in the West don't objectify women. We objectify good looking women. The hot ones.

I've personally never objectified an ugly woman.

I have a feeling guys named Mohammad objectify their hotties too.

9:30 am
The mail man just came to the office. The USPS motto is:
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.
I think that's retarded. I don't want these guys risking injury or illness so I can get my junk mail. How much mail is really that important? If it is, wouldn't you use FedEx?

10:02 am
If I ever commit suicide it will be to a Billy Joel song. Not Uptown Girl. But some of the early stuff...those are sweet suicide songs. Piano Man, Captain Jack, Pressure, Goodnight Saigon, Allentown, there's quite a few others. Jilly Boel knew how to embrace his depression and make sweet love to it.

By the time you're done listening to him, you'll gargle the clorox in no time. Sure Springsteen writes depressing songs but I got the feeling he was reaching for it like all those Brit 60s rockers playing Robert Johnson songs.

10:38 am
I'm a fast typist. People notice this. It makes me feel girly.

10:39 am
I reread the above post quickly and my eyes contracted the first three words to "I'm a facist". That should make moonbatty giggle.

11:30 am
Went up to the grocery store to get some lunch. I work in a decent part of town. But everytime I go out during the day everybody seems like a freak, a spaz, the unemployed, the unemployable, the disabled, the drug addled, or a zombie-like third shift worker and - except for the occasional hot stay-at-home mom with a 3-year old in tow - they all have pain written onto their face. Sad.

12:25 pm
I know this is a great country where a man can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. I know this. I can grasp it intellectually. It's right there up in my frontal lobe. Antedocally, I've seen it happen many times over by men of wildly different circumstances. It's reality.

But I don't have this belief in my bones. There's a core inside that doubts it. My faith is cracked.

I think that core of doubt holds me back from success. I don't know how to find it or if it can be fixed.

I have the same attitude toward religion.

1:07 pm
I'm tired of reading/hearing about Harriet Miers. I'm also tired of the Supreme Court being so powerful and most Americans being so ignorant. I'm tired of uneducated idiots getting as much of a vote as me. RE: supreme court cases most only know Roe v Wade. How about you don't get to vote unless you can match the case with a brief description: the biggies like Marbury v. Madison, Dred Scott, or just the recent ones like Griswold, or Kelo, or Lawrence. If you can name more recent dead blonds the define these cases maybe you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Oh, and how many patriots have even read the constituion or dec of indp. Neither is that long.
3:50 pm
Nothing makes me go into a rage as much as when I think some company might be messing with my clients. I get David Banner angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

4:45 pm
I've overdosed on cola today. Sugared cola which I don't normally drink. I'm crashing. That apple did nothing for me. Apple? I need a hershey bar with almonds.

I just checked my site meter and my hit count is going way down. Over a year of blogging and I get no love.

5:20 pm
I've been thinking of a post called "My Confession" that details the trouble mind and financial life of a financial advisor - me. I do ok, but not what I'd like. I practice what I preach, but my reality is far from my dream and all I seem to do is run on a treadmill making money and immeadiately forking it over.

If anyone would like to say I'm not taxed enough, I'll be happy to go outside and fight you in the parking lot.

5:30 pm
I'm going home. I'll pick up Daughter number 2 and hit the gym. Then it's home for the weekend and catching up on other work. Daughter #1 is having a sleep over. Yeah, that should be fun.

Thanks for spending friday with me.

Stay You.
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