Friday, October 14, 2005

Too Much Fun

I have fun with the stories I write for the Enquirer and the Challenger. It's my hobby and it makes me a few bucks. I wanted to be a writer from the time I was about 12, it's nice to have a sliver of those childhood dreams. I've given up on the dream of driving the Dayton 500.

How these stories come about is that I come up with a story idea, e-mail it my editors and they either say yes, or more likely ignore it or decline it. So I'll do a story every so often. It's fun.

Last week, The Divine Mrs. M and I brainstormed for about 3 minutes and came up with 5 ideas and my editors said "Yes" to all of them. 5 stories. Each varied, but each with a fast approaching deadline.

The next day, the Enquirer asked me to do a couple of stories a week on Northern Kentucky University. Go Norse! Norse? What the hell is that? Anyway, it's my "beat" now. I don't know squat about NKU except what's here, but next week I'm meeting with their PR person and the head of the school paper. I need to develop some sources. Two stories a week. This is just a hobby right?

The following day, I was asked by the paper's general manager to start doing once a week police reports for Newport and Covington (God, I love wikipedia) and be the moderator for their so-new-they-haven't-been-advertised-yet bulletin boards on the new

I can't say "no" can I? Each gig pays a little. The bills come each month whether I'm working or not, so I might as well work.

But yes, it's still a hobby. A hobby that's now covering the tuition payments - but a hobby.

I'm a little blown away that all this writing started from a letter to the editor I did in July of '04. Remember that?

Oh, and the deadline for a corporate writing gig that I picked up a few months ago is fast approaching at month's end....arghhhhhhhh!!!

Stay You.
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