Sunday, November 13, 2005

Good Food is Simple Food, but this is ridiculous!

Oh, I almost forgot, here's an article that was printed today in The Sunday Challenger on a local restaurant in my little city of Bellevue. My editor asked me for a quick story idea and I blurted out a review of Pasquales. It's my first restaurant review.

We ate a Pasquales when we first moved to Bellevue and didn't have a pleasant experience and never went back, but everyone around he raves about it. There's six Pasquale's in the area, but none of them are connected. It was some proto-franchise arrangement that was attempted in the early fifties. The original is Newport is a dive that can only loved by hometown people.

So I took the family out for a tax-deductible meal at Pasquales and did the review. My editor likes to put in a recipe with her restaurant reviews so I called up the following Monday and asked for one. Here's a secret: Pasquales doesn't so much cook their food as they just warm it up. Everything is brought in from a commisary, tossed in the dead frier or they build a sandwich, slather on their secret sauce (also from a commissary) and "presto viola!" a 40% mark up.

And I gave the food a good review. Well, it must have done the trick because I got another restaurant review assignment. This time its some new seafood place called The Chart House on the river - the Ohio River. The brown, barge traffic'd, drainage ditch of the midwest.

I was told never to eat seafood if I can't smell the ocean, but I'll just have to gut it out.

Stay You.
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