Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm Not A Sports Guy

Here's an article I did yesterday on the Northern Kentucky University basketball Fan Day.

In doing the article I felt a little bit like a fish out of water. I know nothing of sports.

I've never hit a baseball wth a bat. I'm never caught a football in any kind of game. I've never gotten a basketball into the hoop in a game. I've never been able to sit through a college basket ball game. My own school only made it to the elite 8 once - while I was there. Other than that, it just rounds out the MAC Conference (Side note: During the preceding game of that Elite 8 game, I was working security carrying a walkie talkie and wearing a red vest. When the BSU team won a television came out the window of a 12 story dorm and landed about 20 feet in front of me. I called it in and was told to just keep an eye out. I radioed back that I wasn't going to get killed for $3.50 an hour and walked home. I showed for work the next day to return the equipment, but nothing was ever said about it. I worked there another year or so. Cool!)

I think my lack of sports knowledge came rom the fact that we moved around a bit until the 5th grade, I never got that foundation of how to play the games. What the hell is a pick and roll? No one ever really gave me instruction either. I don't really miss it; I don't think I would have been much of a player. I was 5'11" at 14 and gangling. I put on another inch over the next few years, but stayed gangling until my early twenties. Too skinny for football, too uncoordinated for basketball or anything else.

I do have a sports rule however. I dislike people that wear college sports jerseys to schools they didn't go to. Around here everyone and everything is UK. I know these fat guys walking around wearing the blue never even audited a class there and I doubt if they've ever been on campus (which is beautiful by the way). In my home town of Ft. Wayne, everyone is Notre Dame crazy. A school of about 8,000 attendance couldn't have spawned that many alumni. I never understood the connection to a college or a team that you either didn't attend or didn't send tuition payments to. Do you need to be that desperatly connected to a winner?

Although, Rod Woodson went to my highschool and I always thought it was cool when I saw him playing for the Steelers. Go figure?

Stay You.
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