Thursday, November 10, 2005

Making the Grades

Here's my latest Enquirer article on a proposed grading system change at Northern Kentucky University.

I wasn't much of a student in high school. In fact, I graduated in the lower half of my class of 600+. But I managed to get into Ball State. Freshmen first semester I did well, second semester not so well, but that's when I got in with a bunch of people at a fraternity I pledge. These were all business majors - and serious. Also, during high school things were - how can I say this - negative as hell.

Around a bunch of positive people trying to do well, I realized I wasn't stupid. I could actually get grades. I then met The Divine Mrs. M. who had to maintain her grades or lose her academic scholarship so I had a nice support system.

I majored in Finance and got all A's in those classes. I also majored in accounting and got all c's there, but that was more out of a lack of interest. Plus - to this day - I can't tell you why I got my accounting degree.

The funny thing is that, unless you're going to grad school, grades in college aren't worth a good goddamn. No one ever hired me because of my straight As in finance classes. Most employers just needed a hole to fill in their corporate structure and had to fill it was a "college graduate" but didn't give a hoot what kind.

I would have been much better off getting straight b's or c's and making connections on the intramural basketball courts.

That seems to be the way I learn however...after it's too late.

Stay You.
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