Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Thanks for your help

Thanks to everyone who gave me questions for Senator Edwards and Mr. Forbes. I'm behind at work and tired so there will be more later, but here's something...

The press conference was sparce. As far as reporters go there was just another guy and me - behind us was a crowd of university organizers and sponsors. The published write up is here.

I had two deadlines. The first was 6:30. Edward went first for about 15 minutes followed a few minutes later by Forbes. After the press conference, the school PR person hooked me up with a computer. Edwards and Forbes had about 100 books to sign which they did about 2 feet from me. I listened to them talk while I wrote the story. I felt like I was in that Cary Grant movie (can't think of title, link later). While writing I grabbed a couple of students to help padd it out. Hit save linked to e-mail and off to the editors at the Enquirer.

I snagged some free food - cheese, diet Pepsi, nuts, and M&Ms left over from the press conference while I waited for the main event.

The event was at 7:00 at another building. I waited outside where my cell would work in case someone from the Enquirer called with a question. The event was packed - they said some things different from the press conference, some things that were more interesting. I spoke with some more students and filed a different report for the 10:30 deadline. The story linked above is a combination of the two that the copy editors put together.

In my previous poltical life, I've hung with big time politicos, but this was a different experience for me so it adds a new wrinkle in the brain and expands my horizons a bit. Kind of cool.

I'm tired and wore out and have alot of work to catch up on today so later.

Stay You.
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