Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Amerika - 5 Years of Fascism

Do you wet yourself with worry over the PATRIOT Act? Do you fear the chilling effect the right-wing bomb throwers of the blogosphere is having on the traditional media? How about the hate for all that is rippling through Bushitlerburton's America?

Grow up.

Two head lines that worry me. This one about a inventing psychiatric illnesses from bad thoughts - now that's Hitlerian and it's not Bush-puppet Cheney pulling the strings! Don't think homosexuality is such a great thing? You're not an evangelical Christian or a devout Catholic or even a slighly observant Muslim - your sick and need to be hospitalized...or is that reeducated?

Don't think we're getting there? Take a look (h/t Mark Steyn, again). From this report, a woman was questioned by Scotland for what I see as a not to obvious point. Homosexuals are much like hetersexuals. Maybe we should pause a moment before disrupting 5,000 years of human society. No! Call the cops! This woman is a menace! Talk about a chilling effect. I'm sure that one police visit quieted down 100 others who may want to ask questions but don't want their neighbors to see a Scotland Yard detective parked in their driveway.

A long dark night of Facism may be dawning, but it's not coming from chimpy Bush or other evil limited-government-low-tax-types.

Stay You.
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